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McDonald's Workers Resistance (MRW)


From: McDonald's Workers Resistance, UK
Greetings and solidarity!

The McResistance is alive and well if rather quiet of late. We've been busy expanding the network in the UK and abroad and working on our own web site which should appear in the not too distant future.

We'd love to hear news from all the different groups we've communicated with, from everyone who has distributed 'McSues' in restaurants around the world and especially from all the Mcworkers and Mcworkers groups we've had contact with- we would love to hear your experiences of fighting back.

Solidarity to McWorkers on the streets of Quebec this weekend- the Summit of the Americas, the Wages at McDonalds, it's all part of the same fucked up system.

To all McDonalds workers, please remember that May the 1st is our day. The bosses have loads of days, they even have a fucking founders day in memory of Ray Cock. We've got one day, it's Mayday and it's our day. Don't spend it working in McDonalds. Join us ON THE SICK, ON THE STREET!

Get the May issue of 'The Face' 'cos we're supposed to be in it. It was the only magazine we'd do an interview with, that's how fucking cool we are.

Please stay in touch and don't give up the struggle. Remember, even if you are the only one saying "fuck McDonalds", there are tens of thousands who think just like you,

Love and solidarity,
Glasgow MWR

p.s. Sorry this e-mail isn't better targeted, the mailing list has grown up rather chaotically and is now a bit too big to sort.


The workers united are more possible than they can powerfully imagine

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