Merseyside Opposition to McDonald's

McDonald's plans will increase traffic, says school

from the Merseymart (local weekly paper in Liverpool)

28th January 1999

Outraged school governors and residents have vowed to prevent Ronald McDonald moving in across the road. Burger giant McDonald's wants to open a fast food restaurant with car park in Mossley Avenue, off Smithdown Road, and opposite the Morrison primary school.

But governors are worried the restaurant will attract too much traffic and endanger pupils at the school. Parent governor Caroline Millar of Elmbank Road, said: "This will put our children's lives in danger. There would be cars coming and going along a narrow road all the time." Now the mother of two is launching a petition against the development.

Arundel ward councillor and chairman of education Paul Clein said the council's ruling Liberal Democrat group would oppose the development. He said: "This would be on one of the busiest junctions on the busiest roads in Liverpool. There would be an intolerable increase in traffic right next to the school. Plus there are already many takeaways and restaurants along that stretch of Smithdown Road. It's totally the wrong place for a McDonald's"

Morrison deputy head Tony Gresswell told the Merseymart: "We had a meeting of the governing body and I was asked to write a letter to the council objecting to the development. We are objecting on the grounds of the increase in volume of traffic."

A McDonald's spokesman told the Merseymart the company had had talks with the highway authorities to ensure minimum disruption. He said: "The busy times for schools are 8.30am to 9.30, and 3.30pm to 4pm are quiet times for us, so traffic should not be that big a problem. Obviously we listen to concerns and are happy to speak to the headteacher and parents."


18th February 1999

As concern builds among parents about the siting of a fast food outlet opposite their children's primary school local councillors are also raising objections. All three Arundel ward councillors are opposing planning permission for McDonald's to build a restaurant opposite the Morrison school in Wavertree. Chairman of education and Arundel ward councillor Paul Clein has already said that the councils' ruling Liberal Democrat group would oppose the development. Now Labour ward councillor Paul Brant has joined campaigners outside the school gates collecting signatures on a petition.

Councillor Brant said: "I'm here to consult with local residents to see if they agree with me that McDonald's should be refused planning permission because of the increased traffic. "I am concerned about potential danger and disturbance to the children who go to the Morrison and increase litter and noise for local residents" A spokesman for McDonald's said they were in talks with the highways authorities to ensure minimum disruption and they were happy to listen to the concerns of local residents and parents.

* Parents of children attending the Morrison handed a petition with more than 1,000 signatures into the city council on Friday against having a fast food outlet opposite their school.



I was shocked to hear McDonald's would even consider putting a fast food outlet directly opposite a primary school. There are so many reasons why I am against it. For a start, the pressures on parents would be unbearable. I don't want to be arguing with my children every day about the nutritional values of having McDonald's for tea. The traffic situation is already bad enough, to add to it would risk our children's safety not only from accidents but from increased pollution.


I just think it's appalling. The pester power from the children would be unbearable, and what about the impact on local shops? They're bound to lose out. It also increases the danger of accidents. At present most of the children are crossed over the road by the lollipop ladies. If they went to McDonald's, by the time they got out the lollipop ladies would be gone.


I have one son at the Morrison and another one who'll be going there and I think having a McDonald's opposite the school is a potential nightmare, It's just going to be so much hassle getting them out of the school and home. And just thinking about more traffic here gives me a headache. Traffic here is already a problem.


I have a daughter at the Morrison, a son at Lidderdale and two more young ones to go through the school. I can see why it's in McDonald's interest to set up here but it's not in the interest of our children. So many children have to cross this road to get to and from school and Smithdown Road is already congested enough.

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