Spontaneous Uprising Against McDonald's Successful!

Saturday, 7th March 1998

Following the B-3's, Aus-Rotten, Pressgang, Anti-Flag, benefit show for the Jericho '98 Amnesty Campaign to Free All Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War held at Club Laga in Pittsburgh, approximately 30 attendees of the show staged an impromptu demonstration outside of the nearby Forbes Avenue branch of McDonald's. Protestors cited the reasons for demonstrating outside of McDonald's as: McMurder of Animals, McDestruction of the Environment, McNeo-liberalism (included as neo-liberalism is McAnti-Labor, McCorporate Colonialism and McMinimum wage.)

Members of Anti-Racist Action (Weirton, WV), Rotten Propaganda & the Jericho Committee, Food Not Bombs, Queer War Society, Zapatista Alliance of Pittsburgh (who were all leafleting at the show), along with a number of show attendees passed out "What's Wrong With McDonald's" pamphlets and chanted anti-McDonald's, anti-corporate and animal rights slogans to the dismay of the store manager who promptly called the police.

Mr. McManager faced some debate with demonstrators as he mistakenly told us that the sidewalk was private property. The police had to agree that we had every right to protest on the sidewalk in front of the store, as long as exits and entrances were not blocked (by the way cops get real polite when people have video cameras pointed at them.) The demonstrators managed to clear out the store, and since 3 cop cars had their lights on and were parked in front, no one entered the store for nearly an hour.

This event didn't require any committees or leadership and it was a complete success. Chants were made up on the spot, which amused the crowd of spectators across the street. Some of the chants which were led through a shared megaphone were:

Moo, Moo Moo
McDonald's is bad for you!

McDonald's is McMurder (sung in a hilarious singsong children's chant.)
McHunger! McDisease!
Boycott Mickey D's!

1234 This is a Vegan(burger)War!
5678 Smash McDonald's, Smash the State!

After about an hour of successful harassment of McDemon's, the crowd quietly dispersed, vowing to come back meat-free, angry and with picket signs after the next show at Laga.


Rotten Propaganda

(Pittsburgh) Jericho Committee

Queer War Society

Zapatista Alliance of Pittsburgh (ZAP)

Weirton WV Anti-Racist Action

Pittsburgh Food Not Bombs

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