This is an example of a leaflet for distribution in communities threatened by a McDonald's planning application. This one is obviously very general and would be far more effective if it was more specific to your own location. If you have the facilities you can obviously produce your own leaflets etc, perhaps using this one for ideas. However, if you have nothing else available you could use this one as it is. If you have difficulty printing this or converting it into something to suit your local circumstances, let us know and we may be able to help you produce a suitable leaflet for your specific location.
(A 'read-to-print' PDF version will be available soon.)

Somewhere in the world a new McDonald's opens every 3 hours and
now they have further plans for our community.

What's Wrong With
the McDonald's Planning Application?

Why the Big Mac is a Big Mistake for Our Community

McDonald's (the $30 billion multinational fast-food chain) have lodged a planning application to build a 'Drive-Thru' restaurant in our area. If allowed to go ahead, their proposal will bring significant and unwelcome changes to our community. While there are numerous reasons to object to McDonald's in general, there are a number of specific issues relevant to this planning application.

  • Traffic and Safety

    While the government and local authorities are being encouraged to make decisions that reduce traffic levels and the dependance on car use, it is ironic that McDonald's expansion plans revolve around 'Drive-Thrus'.

    If their application is approved we will experience a significant rise in traffic levels in our already busy area. The new traffic created will cause nuisance to existing traffic and increase the danger of accidents for pedestrians.

  • Litter, Noise and Smells

    While our area already suffers from noticeable litter and vandalism, the planned McDonald's will only make things worse. The proposal includes very long opening hours (7am - 11pm, 7 days a week), and will result in noise and disturbances at all hours for local residents. During the hot summer months, the smell from the kitchens, from waste storage and from litter disgarded by customers may become offensive and attract vermin.

  • Community and Local Business

    Neon lights, tacky signs and adverts will change the character of the area and may represent the start of an unwelcome trend in our locality. Existing local businesses will lose trade to multinationals that will drain the life-blood from our community. While McDonald's claims to offer new job opportunities, the majority of the jobs will be low paid, non-skilled, part-time jobs with no guaranteed hours. As local businesses lose trade, people already employed may find themselves made redundant.

    McDonald's must not be allowed to spoil our community!

  • McDonald's can be stopped!

    McDonald's usually succeed in using their wealth and influence to override the wishes of local people. They tend to use a carrot and stick approch. They claim they will 'enhance' the community and 'create' new jobs for locals, while threatening a costly appeal if they lose. But local residents have been victorious in East Finchley (London), Winchmore Hill (London), Nottingham, Leicester, Fairlight (Australia), & Montpelier (Vermont, USA) to name but a few. McDonald's are not invincible!

    What you can do

    • Write to the local papers, and send a formal letter of objection to the authorities.

    Local newspaper(s):

    insert address
    and fax numbers

    Local planning authority :

    insert address
    and fax number

    • Get yourself involved (and/or your residents' association etc.)

    For more information contact:
              insert approbriate name, address and phone number

    • Please copy and circulate this leaflet as widely as you can, and help raise signatures for a petition.

    • Boycott McDonald's and tell them why.

    Apart from the local issues, there are plenty of other things wrong with McDonald's. Evidence given in the High Court has shown that: workers are low paid; unions are not tolerated; employee safety is not considered important; children are targeted by advertising in order to harness their 'pester-power'; the majority of food poisoning is from meat; despite earlier denials - McDonald's have admitted using beef reared on ex-rainforest land; they promote a diet that is high in fat, salt & sugar and low in fibre - such a diet is linked to heart disease and cancer etc. For more details, contact:
    McLibel Support Campaign, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX, Tel/Fax 0171 713 1269, E-mail:
    If you have Internet access, visit McSpotlight (