Victory Against McDonald's in Slough

Letter from Keith Holland of the Planning Inspectorate
to Anthony Bowhill & Associates

27th March 1998

Appeal by McDonald's Restaurants Limited against the decision of Slough Borough Council to refuse planning permission in respect of an application for a small extension to restaurant seating area (34 Sq ft) by relocating glazing to edge of existing canopy at McDonald's Restaurant, Bath Rd, Slough [Drive-Thru].

Main issue: effect on highway safety and the free flow of traffic on the A4 Bath Road arising from the proposal.

32 additional seats (73 exiting seats) - 40% increase. McD's argued this to cater for existing demand as opposed to generating new custom. Inspector not persuaded additional seating would not result in additional custom.

McD's transport engineers assessed parking and trafgfic situation on basis of 15% increase in traffic generation. Inspector considers 15% may be an under-estimate.

Inspector does not consider it's prudent for additional floorspace to be provided without an increase in the provision of parking.

Extending the restaurant without providing additional parking would add to the operational problems within the retail park. This would in turn have an adverse impact on the capacity of the access junction. Even a small increase in use of this junction at busy times is undesirable as it would exacerbate an already dangerous situation.

Conclude proposal would be likely to increase existing problems regarding highway safety and the free flow of traffic on the A4 at the access road junction to the Bath Rd Retail Park.

Appeal dismissed.

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