McLibel and anti-McDonald's related websites
Adbusters' colourful and imaginative McLibel & Anti-McD's pages.
Not McLibel, but McVegan. In this case, McD's backed down!
One of the best and slickest Anarchist sites on the Web, bar none. Here's what they have to say about McLibel, and you can mass mail it to your friends with a handy script!
AnneDroidz' on "WHY I HATE McDONALD'S..."
Gtreat italisn site. Growing all the time. Lots of McD stuff in Italian.
A McDonald's customer suffered third-degree burns from their coffee, due to McD's habit of superheating their coffee. This a a report of the case.
An unusual anti-McD's site. Not for those with faint hearts or sensitivity to glaring colours.
A rainforest-centred site. Has some good stuff borrowed from McSpotlight ;)'s_and_You.htm
Concentrates on the unhealthiness and abuse that McD's perpetrate.
A long-established anarchist e-zine with some good articles (some of them from McSpotlight!).
A good page attacking the banality and wastefulness of corporate culture. No prizes for guessing one of their examples! .html
How do you recognize a SLAPP in the face? Read this.
News and Information about the Campaign to Prevent the Sale of Greenbelt Land to McDonald's
Not strictly relevant, but funny. Remember "Microsoft buys Vatican"? This is "McDonald's buys Commodore!"

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