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Before you eat your next burger the Campaign Against McDonald's want to feed you a few facts...

What's Wrong with McDonald's?

Glasgow's rapid increase of fast (trash) food shops have created Europe's ill-health capital. Its rat-infested slaughterhouse provides the raw material for Big Macs. The reward for years of intensive-farm suffering, a bloody, violent end.

But as Deaths from Cancer, Heart Disease, Hypertension and Diabetes reach endemic proportions - the unfortunate cows may well be having the last laugh!


On the health Issue McDonald's defensiveness is worthy of the tobacco companies whose products are equally lethal. In Britain alone, over 24 million people are currently making a conscious decision to reduce red meat consumption. Over 11 million are confirmed vegetarians with over 38,000 quitting meat eating every week. Why?

A major factor appears to be the upsurge of viruses and diseases in livestock, which many experts fear may be transmitted to human consumers. Despite government predictions, the number of cattle contracting B.S.E. (or Mad Cow Disease) have Increased relentlessly. Cattle infected with the virus enter the food chain simply because no test exists. B.l.V. (a form of human AIDS) has emerged this year wiping out entire herds - unbelievably the cows were deemed fit for human consumption!

Equally damning, a 1994 report published in the British Medical Journal revealed vegetarians are 40% less likely to die of cancer than meat eaters. The report's findings represents the single biggest breakthrough in cancer prevention In 40 years!

The bad news for McDonald's does not end there however. Meat eating is linked to Britain's Biggest Killer - Coronary Heart Disease as well as Diabetes and Hypertension. Meat is the cause of most food poisoning outbreaks. In 1991 McDonald's were responsible for an outbreak of food poisoning in the UK in which people suffered serious kidney failure. It is worrying that McDonald's target young children in multi-million pound advertising campaigns to promote their toxic products!


Multinational companies are destroying the world's most precious forests at an appalling rate. If present trends continue all Central and Southern American rainforests will disappear by the year 2010. McDonald's have been forced to admit to using beef reared on ex-rainforest land, preventing the regeneration of forests. Also, the use of farmland by multinationals forces local people to inhabit other areas, cutting down further trees.

McDonald's, with 24 billion pounds annual turnover is the world's largest user of beef. Methane emitted by cattle reared for the meat industry Is a major cause of 'global warming' crisis.

Every year McDonald's use thousands of tons of unnecessary packaging much of which ends up littering our streets, or polluting the countryside buried in landfill sites.

To suggest that McDonald's is concerned with the environment is comparable with their absurd claim that their pre-digested filth is good for you!


The statistics of cruelty are shocking. Last year over 750 million animals were destroyed in Britain. Every minute of every working day 4,000 die in slaughterhouses. Despite our space-age technology most of our fellow creatures experience brutal, savage deaths in great pain. 'Humane slaughter' is a myth propagated by the industry in response to concerns at this needless massacre. Meat-eating would disappear overnight if flesh-eaters had to kill the creatures personally. Most deal with this problem simply by ignoring it - preferring Instead to delegate the whole fearsome business to anonymous slaughtermen in distant slaughterhouses, as far away from our own sensibilities as possible. And we're actually encouraged to do this by the meat industry. They don't want our consciences troubled - it's bad for business!


The scale of exploitation at McDonald's is such that the expression 'McJob' has emerged. 'McJobs' are low status, low wage, non-union, unsatisfactory jobs with no fringe benefits and no prospects of advancement. With over 88% of their staff working less than 35 hours per week, McDonald's have been at the forefront of the wide scale introduction of part-time labour in Britain's workforce.

McDonald's refuse to pay overtime rates even when employees work extremely long hours. Pressure to keep profits high and wage costs low results In understaffing, so employees work harder and faster. The majority of employees have few job options and are forced to accept exploitation. Not surprisingly staff turnover Is high, making unionisation difficult. This suits McDonald's who vigorously oppose all unions.


While millions of people are starving, vast areas of land in poor countries are used for cattle ranching or to grow grain to feed animals destined for Western tables.

McDonald's continually promote meat products, encouraging people to eat more meat, wasting more food resources. 145 million tons of grain fed to livestock produce less than 21 million tons of meat products. With a vegetarian diet Britain could easily become self-sufficient in food. Equally important, vegetarian diets cost substantially less than carnivores.


As the Government's cry that British Beef is safe has an increasingly hollow ring, this leaflet illustrates reality is somewhat different. Boycott McDonald's and other trash-food joints now. Try a vegetarian diet high in fruit and fibre. in safeguarding your health your food budget will decrease considerably. Join the Federation in its fight against ignorance, depravation, cruelty and greed!

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Hand of death: a slaughterman about to kill a cow, with a bolt through her head
Many animals remain conscious and experience excruciating pain'.