Day 067 - 15 Dec 94 - Page 03

     1   Q.   Then if you turn over the page -- I should say this, will
     2        you take it from me that if we convert that into metric
     3        weight that comes to approximately 225,791 metric tonnes;
     4        will you accept that?
     5        A.  Yes, sir, I will.
     7   Q.   Can I ask this before we turn over:  What proportion of
     8        McDonald's restaurants, roughly speaking, in percentage
     9        terms, in 1990 were in the United States?
    10        A.  Roughly two thirds, about 65, 66 per cent.
    12   Q.   So if we want to get a rough estimate of McDonald's beef
    13        usage worldwide, do we add another third to this total?
    14        A.  That is correct.
    16   Q.   Will you take it from me that a third of 225,791 tonnes is
    17        approximately 74,500 tonnes?
    18        A.  Yes, I would.
    20   Q.   Making an approximate total worldwide for McDonald's
    21        300,302 metric tonnes?
    22        A.  That is correct.
    24   Q.   Then if we turn over the page, we see some world meat
    25        statistics prepared by the US DA.  Please look at the
    26        second table entitled "World meat production", 1,000 tonnes
    27        carcass weight, which is the reason I converted McDonald's
    28        figures into metric tonnes; these are metric tonnes too,
    29        are they not?
    30        A.  Yes, they are.
    32   Q.   The first column in that table is beef and veal and the
    33        first subcolumn is 1990, is it not?
    34        A.  That is correct.
    36   Q.   If we add three noughts to the figure at the bottom of the
    37        page, the total, we get a figure of 49,056,000 tonnes; is
    38        that right?
    39        A.  That is correct.
    41   Q.   Will you take it from me that McDonald's usage worldwide at
    42        just over 300,000 tonnes is, roughly speaking, 0.61 per
    43        cent of the world total?
    44        A.  That is correct.
    46   Q.   Can I ask you this:  Do you know whether the figures have
    47        varied much, the proportions have varied much, since that
    48        date?
    49        A.  No, not the proportions.
    51   Q.   One other question:  Looking at those Costa Rica figures at 
    52        the back, can I ask you, first of all, how many restaurants 
    53        in Costa Rica do McDonald's now have?
    54        A.  Around 12.
    56   Q.   How many did they have last year, do you know?
    57        A.  Probably nine.
    59   Q.   Nine.  How many restaurants have they got in Guatemala?
    60        A.  About the same number.

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