2nd October, 1996

Messrs McDonald's Restaurants Ltd.,
11-59 High Road, East Finchley,
Lodon, N2 8AW.

Dear Sirs,

As I still await a reply to my letter regarding you legal action against McMunchies of Fenny Stratford, may I again reiterate the main points of my letter?

1. McDOnald's commandeered my name, Ronald McDonald, and has used it for advertising purposes. I grant that it is used in very commendable charity work but my name is now a source of amusement to many and a minor irritant to me. You complain about someone having commandeered just part of the name that you claim is your own. Is this not double standards?

2. Is not your legal action against McMunchies, a tiny sandwich bar business which does not even sell hamburgers etc. somewat over-zealous? Surely there is no chance of the name McMunchies being confused with McDonald's?

3. The prefix 'Mc' has been in use in Scottish and Irish societies for over a thousand years and is an intrinsic part of our culture. How can you claim this to be your exclusive property even in a commercial sense?

May I suggest the following:

a. That you discontinue you over-zealous and heavy-handed legal action against the proprietor of McMunchies of Fenny Stratford, Bucks. An apology to the lady and a bouquet of flowers would not go amiss.

b. An acknowledgement from you that prefix 'Mc' belongs in the public domain being part of Scottish and Irish cultural heritage and is NOT the exclusive property of McDonald's Restaurants Ltd.

On another matter: I have been advised to consider an obvious niche in the market for a restaurant which will specialise in the sale of prime Aberdeen Angus steaks, steak-burgers and Scottish beef. I intend to use my personal name for commercial purposes and propose to call the restaurant 'McDonald's' or possibly 'Ronald McDonald's'. I also intend to have my own logo - a pair of gilded balls might seem appropriate (see sketch). As I am naturally anxious to avoid infringing your registered trademarks, your advice and comments would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

[signature of Ronald McDonald]