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5 - 15 April 1996

McGarbage in Cyberspace - McDonald's goes Online

The McDonald's Corporation has finally made a long-planned move - and launched a Web site.

The site, found at opens with the ubiquitous golden arches, and leads into a colourful picture of a McDonald's store.

Special care is also taken to interest children, with Ronald offering to take kids on a special tour of company information. There are also colouring-in games, animated images and a time machine of the McDonald's company history.

The burger giant also cashes in on kids' concerns about environmental destruction. "Kids rule at McDonald's," announces the McDonald's Earth Effort page. "So when you tell us, 'Hey, the earth is important' - we hear you."

On the subject of recycling, the company claims to have saved 10,000 tons of solid waste since 1990 by switching to paper packaging for Big Macs and bags for Happy Meals. "Conserving resources is solid gold at the Golden Arches," it says, pointing out that "many of our restaurants have installed super-efficient" lighting, kitchen equipment and heaters.

For adults, there is investor information, a stock purchasing plan and franchising information as well as more information about the company's strenous efforts to protect the earth's environment.

Critics may be disappointed however. The feedback page (in the Fun Stuff section) has little room for the expression of viewers' varied opinions. The form simply asks about reactions to the Web site, and enquires as to people's eating habits.

Ronald Goes to India

  • The Times of India, 27 March 1996

    "Big Mac essays lamb as it plans passage to India"

  • The Guardian (UK), 12 April 1996

    "A burger and a bazooka please"

  • Baltimore Sun (USA), April 1996

    "Big Mac pays out 83m pounds for foothold in pizza land"

  • The Guardian (UK), 23 March 1996

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