A Message To Our Customers


On Sunday, 24th March we announced that we would no longer sell British beef products in our restaurants in Great Britain.

We've done this because our first concern is for you, the customer.

We know that you've always been able to eat at McDonald's with confidence.

  • Our hamburgers are 100% pure beef - nothing else. They never have and never will contain offal or mechanically recovered meat.

  • McDonald's uses only prime cuts of boneless beef.

  • Our quality and safety controls are among the toughest in the food industry.

We believe that British beef is safe. Nevertheless, recent announcements have led to a loss of public confidence in British beef.

You 've always trusted us to put quality and safety first. That trust has never been more important.

From Thursday, 28th March we will be selling Hamburgers, Big Macs and Quarterpounders now made exclusively from non-British beef.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.