RE: GIVE ME A BREAK! - Mila, USA, November 01 1996 (1)

Posted by: Big MAC (YES REALLY!) ( AUSTRALIA ) on December 07, 1996 at 22:47:44:

Boy, Mila! Animals, hey! Just because Maccas is not the only one
treating animals badly we should lay off them. You get them to
lay off their workers - shocking conditions and rates of pay;
animals - feed lots etc; nutrition - What nutrition?!

And they're pushing it down your(not mine) kids throats!;
Rainforests - destruction of forests for cattle that have hooves
that just aren't made for looking after the land like the pads
of a kangaroo are! Trample, trample, dust, dust ...;

Lives of indiginous peoples - remove rainforests and destroy
habitats of animals as well as people!!!

Grow a brain Mila and REALLY start thinking about the World and
not just your pets, and it sounds like Maccas might just be one
of them!)

Cop ya all later :)

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