can't defend themselves??!!

Posted by: Tony ( Holland ) on December 09, 1996 at 18:14:57:

In Reply to: Re: sick to death of McD's posted by The Music Maker on December 09, 1996 at 17:46:23:

> I totally agree with you on what you say but I
> dont think McD deserves to be critisized by all these
> people when they cant defend themselves.

Excuss me!!! Where have you been living all these years??!!
McDonald's not able to defend themselves against critics.... like hell!!

Take a look around McSpotlight and you will find dozens of examples of
McDonald's threatening critics and getting away with it. Only recently has the
tide turned.

McLibel and McSpotlight have shown that corporations can't simply
threaten people to hide the truth but to say that McDonald's can't
defend themselves is crap.

Dispite not having the truth on their side they still have the
power and the influence to reduce the effects of criticism.
Much of the media wouldn't dream of reporting the criticisms of McDonald's
because McD's is such a major advertiser and thats were the money is.

> Plus, the people who made these pages have no real lives with
> no real problems. E-mail me here .

Strange thing to say. Do you mean the people who created McSpotlight,
or the people who post to the debating rooms. Either way, you can't
possibly know anything about those people and can't say that they have 'no lives'
and 'no real problems'.

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