coverage of closing speeches

Posted by: Jon Conroy ( Australia ) on December 12, 1996 at 15:02:27:

Congrats on your extremely thorough and imformative site.
It's a shame you haven't posted the plaintiff's closing speeches,
an action I would have thought critical to the credibility of
your own arguments.


McSpotlight replies:

The shame is that McDonald's have sofar not provided us with
their cloing speechs and since they were submitted as a written
document, reports from court would not have been able to explain
what was going on since Mr Rampton refered entirely to his written

However, we plan to official request from McDonald's both their
closing speeches and their witnesses statements. If they refuse
to provide them (they are both public documents) then we will obtain
them by other means and they WILL be available on McSpotlight.

I'll take this oppotunity to apologise for the delayed daily court
reports. All the reports of closing speeches (including those days
when Mr Rampton was covering his closing speech) will be done.
We have the notes for every day, but writting the reports takes a
very long time so we have fallen behind.

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