The law is an ass

Posted by: Graham Lenton ( not applicable, England ) on January 04, 1997 at 11:08:15:

In Reply to: Your image of well-researched information breaks down posted by Dave on July 01, 1996 at 01:23:11:

> I had a look at the McSpotlight page after seeing the plug for it on a late night TV show on
> Wednesday night, as I work in Burger King on a part-time basis and was interested to see what
> was being said about a similar company to the one who employs me.

> I was initially impressed by the wealth of facts and figures and apparent knowledge, but there is one thing that I have
> found that breaks the image of well-researched information portrayed in these pages. On one of
> the stickers shown on the merchandise page, there is a slogan about the "murder of animals".

> I am studying law at university, and the definition of murder does NOT cover animals, only human
> beings. Although small, this is a mistake typically made by animal-rights activists and the
> like, and just lowers the whole researched/knowledgable image you strive to portray to one of
> ignorance and dramatic exaggeration.

> If you're not going to get the facts right, you shouldn't
> distribute them, and I won't read this page again.

The law is an ass (and so are you) feeding meat to herbivores
and then feeding the diseased result to humans can surely be called Murder.

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