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saturated toxic waste burger

Posted by: Ken Putt ( Lebanon, PA, USA ) on February 17, 1997 at 11:37:05:

In Reply to: sick to death of McD's posted by Paul on December 05, 1996 at 01:40:27:

: I I remember one time when I was very young my parents decided that they were going to poison there little creations. They unchained us from our walls on which we were just about to have another horrible nights sleep. Throwing us into our mobile hazzard we meanderred toward a sign of double golden arches. This was a sight I have yet to see, but with the time that I do get to whatch television, I have seen numerous comercials for this place. "This couldn't be right", I had to think. Those chidren in those comercials were so happy, of course mother and father are not going to make us smile even for the slightest second. But could it be true? Could the chains of hell be ridden from our wrists for just one evening? Yes! So we thought. How could we have left our thoughts get the best of us? The most horrid of mass production is being served to my body. I lifted up the face of my so called hamburgerto see what the hell was in this thing. I quickly closed it when I saw that molting glop oozing from the top onto the saturated toxic waste burger. My damion-parents forced this rotten indigestable piece of worm/maggot insides formed into a patty to be eaten in the twelve minutes we had before we were to be lashed at our own will. I got the damn thing down in just enough time. On the way home I sat gurggling and grobbling trying to keep the toxins inside to at least come out the other end. I succeeded somehow. Go figure?

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