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Posted by: Ronald Hendrixson on April 16, 1997 at 12:39:54:

First you take away the McLean (10 grams of fat) Poof! It's gone! Now in comparison to the 4/96 vs. 2/97 Nutritional Chart, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich skyrocketed from 4 grams of fat to 20! :(
Please tell me why? What are the health conscience good citizens of America suposed to eat? I give into the World Famous French Fries every now and then because I am complimenting them with a low fat sandwich. Normally I would omit the fries due to the fat content, but give me a break, have you smelled them lately? They're awesome!

Please advise the status of bringing the original 4 grams of fat McGrilled Chicken Classic and at the same time you will be bringing back a loyal customer.

Anxiously waiting.

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