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Judgment Handed Down - Future of Web Site?

Posted by: Joe Beranek ( Cochise County, Arizona ) on June 19, 1997 at 23:02:07:

I note in today's news that the judge found in favor of McDonalds against defendants, Dave Morris and Helen Steel. Although I agree with the verdict in general, I also appreciate the good fight put up the two defendants. I am usually opposed to activists of any ilk, however, I believe that the discussion that went on in the debating room was healthy, educational and fun for all.

I also hope that the end of the trial does not mean an end to this web site.
It has been great. I only wish that I had discovered it sooner.

My appreciation to the webmaster and all others who have made this exchange of ideas and opinions possible.



McSpotlight comment:

Don't worry. McSpotlight will be around for some time yet (an on CDROM very soon). We will continue to reveal the unethical actions of multinational companies such as McDonald's and bring you the latest news about the McLibel appeals etc.

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