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so you don't believe in freedom of speech

Posted by: Colleen on June 22, 1997 at 23:55:00:

In Reply to: The facts about this site! posted by The greatest stuff on earth. on June 19, 1997 at 20:42:30:

: This web-page illustrates why democracy can never work.

so you do not believe in freedom of speech?

: If small minded, tree hugging, communist simpletons like this are allowed to vote,

Your an open minded fella also,who would never think to stereotype,right?

: I would be incredibly surprised to learn that anyone involved in this socialist propaganda will ever accomplish anything significant with their wasted time on this planet.

define significant

: The creators of this page are the same types of hypocrites who refuse to eat beef but love to buy leather moccasins.

And you can prove this with..

Please,attempt to back yourself up when you make statements like the one you just made.

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