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Posted by: Jessy ( McSpotlight ) on July 19, 1997 at 13:37:18:

In Reply to: think about what you are saying posted by Todd on July 17, 1997 at 00:35:16:

: : maybe there is a possiblity that this guy who wrote this web page has
: : worked at McDonalds and has a brain the size of a pebble.

Your assumption that McSpotlight could have been produced by one person is staggering. Especially a person who also had a job.

And your assumption that the initiator was male is predictable and snuggles in nicely next to your inability to spell or construct a sentence.

I think you'll find that McSpotlight was originally started by a woman and that about 60 people now maintain it. As far as I know, none of them work for McDonald's or Burger King.


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