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reeks of elitism

Posted by: you-know-who ( usa ) on August 27, 1997 at 10:40:39:

In Reply to: this one isn't quite as illiterate as most... posted by Gideon Hallett on August 26, 1997 at 12:27:42:

: Well, at least this one isn't quite as illiterate as most...

Gideon, your title reeks of elitism. What, if people can't write or express themselves eloquently their opinions are inferior or less valid?

: You somehow fail to notice that it's not the McLibel Support Campaign that is spending billions on advertising per year. Nor that the processes of hamburger production are kept away from the public eye - to the point that Ronald McDonald is told to tell children that hamburgers come from a patch (like a vegetable) and to evade any questions about what really goes on in the making of meat. That's dishonesty.

Nope, that's called make-believe, a concept children grasp quite easily.

: As to the trial, the circumstances were absurdly one-sided, with McD's fielding the best libel lawyer in the country, who then managed to persuade the judge that the issues were too complex for the general public. Yet two members of the general public managed to hold off the lawyers, win the moral victory and dent McDonald's image. Go and look up the term "Pyrrhic victory".

Yeah, yeah, yeah

: Do you have to bring this in every time you don't feel you have a point strong enough to stand on its own? Your behaviour is that of a child who won't play unless they make the rules.

This is the behaviour of children; locking yourself to a table, climbing on buildings that aren't yours, making a huge racket to get attention, and hanging signs such as "Special Today McMurderer Deluxe"

: I certainly wouldn't tell the world how to live; as an anarchist and a believer in freedom it would be grand hypocrisy. We can recommend, we can point out that the current system is unfair and wasteful. We can suggest alternatives. But we must _not_ bend the truth and we must _not_ force people, or where are we different from our opponents?

Well, if I choose to go to McDonalds, and find protesters have blocked my access, or have stopped business for two hours, or are attempting to explain why I shouldn't be eating there, they are infringing upon my freedom and in the process telling my how I should live.

: In any situation where food hygiene and healthiness are subordinate to profit and scale of production, this is going to happen, no matter what the food. Again, big business needs to clean up its act, not cover up the truth.

Most papers here in the states list what local eating establishments scored on their inspections by the health departments. By and large you will find that the stores who score low are almost always independant businesses(at least that's the way it is in my area).
It's not just big business that needs to clean up it's act.

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