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Posted by: anon ( USA ) on September 05, 1997 at 19:18:03:

In Reply to: You guys never learn. posted by Siamak on September 03, 1997 at 13:01:36:

: You and your kind seem to have vested interest in spreading misinformation about McD and everything associated with it. But let me remind everyone what the judge said at the end of the McLibel case:

: 1. McD exploit children by targeting them as potential customers
: 2. McD is guilty of deception of the public by pretending its food is nutritious.

: And let me remind you that McD DID NOT APPEAL AGAINST THIS JUDGEMENT hence tacitly accepting it.

: Now as far as Ronald is concerned, he is a someone who promotes unhealthy food to children. He therfore encapsulates all that's wrong with McD in a single character. No matter what you may say, this fact remains unchanged. Of course I am critical of McD. And if you want to call me biased because of this then suit yourself. But after McLibel it is now well known that Ronald is a nasty deceptive character who hides the reality of McD from customers and specially children.

: : I think I would choose to believe someone who had worked with the program for 13 years

: Correction: Chris only worked in that role for 5 years and that was 13 years ago!

: : You will find many doctors who would tell you that McDonalds food can fit into a balanced diet.

: Oh yes I know that. And McD had a few of them on show at McLibel trial. But who believed them? Certainly not the judge nor the great majority of the public. And you know why? because they themselves don't really believe what they say either. Remember McD expert's reason for calling Coke nutritious? Because it contained water. It may sound like a joke but this is what he really said!

: : You insult people's intelligence all the time with your unending desire for the rest of us to see as you do.

: Do I? I thought the whole point about debate is to convince others of your point of view or get convinced by reasonable argument. And I don't call it insulting intelligence.

Your the one that started it. You asked the previous writer not to insult your intelligence when all he was doing was putting forth a reasonable arguement. Good Grief!
Maybe "my kind" just likes to take a stand against the kind of people who would say "you and your kind".

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