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I think I said it was petty to criticize McDonald's Charity work

Posted by: Karen ( usa ) on September 13, 1997 at 23:02:17:

In Reply to: You disappoint me Ms Anon. posted by Siamak on September 12, 1997 at 15:08:29:

: You should really learn some good manners like don't reply on others behalf unless you are asked to. Quincunx was addressing me, it was very rude of you to reply before you have read my opinion wasn't it?

Nope, not when he did it while posting to me. Which , by the way, was a response he made on your behalf.

: > I will explain why socialism and anarchy will never work.
: > I'm planning on highly indoctrinating them.

: Don't you think it would be wiser to educate yourself on the subject before you teach your kids? Puting socialism and anarchy in the same category indicates you have still a long way to go. You know I thought you said you are not a right-winger etc etc. But your sentence smacks of a good old-fashion narrow-minded American right-wing world view - that which scares the general public of any criticism of capitalism as incompatible with the American way of life. And you claim not to have a herd mentality!

I don't.
I put socialism and anarchy in the same catagory because they are both defended on this website, not because I need more education to understand the difference.

: >>> But especially I'm concerned about people forcing dogmas on them.
: >>> I don't want them to be sheep and they aren't.

: >> Hopefully you don't feel that Siamak is enforcing a dogma upon you or
: >> your chidren when he simply posts at this website.

: > Did I say that? I was trying to point out that I'm raising them to
: > be individuals and make their own decisions.

: Don't get too clever with Quincunx now. In the context you were discussing, you certainly implied what he says. I thought exactly the same when I read it but did not think it worthy of my reply.

: > Children pester. Parent's can stop it. Turn of the tube. Sit in time out.

: But they don't need further encouragement by the likes of McD do they. These companies use the demanding nature of children for their own benefit. And parents can do without it. Your loyalty to McD is total isn't it?

No, but my loyalty to myself and my right to make my own decisions is.

: >> I feel it's a healthy sign that everything that McDonald's does and is
: >> associated with is questioned. If you feel Siamak is petty then I'll have
: >> to disagree.

: > Feel free to disagree.

: So tell me Ms Anon, why do you find me petty? Is it because I criticised the work of you hero " the Great Ronald"? Or because I said you make a mountain out of a molehill? or...

I think I said it was petty to criticize McDonald's Charity work.

: >> Would it be better if they gave nothing?

: No, It would be better if they gave something without taking away 100
: times as much!

: >>> Well I don't know if I surprised you
: (probably not, but I shouldn't presume).

: No you don't surprise me but you sure disappoint me.

Well I'm crying over that.

: >> No surprises here. Just observing what (I sense is) an orchestrated assault
: >> on Siamak in order to exhaust him.I suspect a public relations firm (or
: >> McDonald's Corporation itself) has done psychological profiling and a team
: >> effort has been spent on analysing any weak spot he may have. I think Samuel
: >> Day Fassbider is another target as well.

: > Yes, you've figured me out. I was wondering how long it would take.

: Just stop mocking, listen and think for a minute. You may learn something. Quincunx is making a serious point and he seems to me much more experienced on this issue than you are. It is not at all beyond McD to do such a thing. After all was it not the same company which sent spies into a small organisation called "London Greenpeace" to sabotage their operation just because they were critical of McD policies? So what is to stop them sabotaging a democratic forum such as this one by exhausting the participants. I hope you are not going to claim McD believes in democracy too. Because that would beg the question why they don't have a discussion group on their own site and why they snoop on this one? And what's more important, why they don't allow a democratic forum for their workers?

: And Quincunx wasn't mocking?

Maybe thay do infiltrate this website. I just find it ludicrous that that suspicion is brought up over my postings. I am a stay at home mom in the rural south. I'm so far removed from anything even remotely resembling a conspiracy. It just amazes me.
Is it the "anon" that makes Quincunx suspect me?

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