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I changed sides a long time ago

Posted by: anon ( usa ) on September 13, 1997 at 23:06:31:

In Reply to: Justifying McDonald's, Despising Critics posted by Quincunx on September 12, 1997 at 14:48:02:

: : Thanks for telling me about Asia. I had never heard of the place until you mentioned it.

: Now you know!
: : :
: No, I haven't told them about the factory conditions. Right now I'm teaching them about world civilization. We're learning why ancient man first banded together in communities. Soon we will go on to world governments, when I will explain why socialism and anarchy will never work. I'm planning on highly indoctrinating them.

: That's quite the fast pedagogical method.From ancient times to world governments so soon? So much for the details. Keep explaining why socialism and anarchism won't work. They'll probably grow up to see through your teaching methods in time.Then they'll unlearn the indoctrination too.

: : They know the difference between their grandfather's small farm and factory farms. They also know the fish we catch out of his pond is better than store-bought, and that the produce we eat from his farm is better than produce shipped hundreds of miles.

: Good . I like that.Is that conservatism in action or practical home economics?

The fishing is mostly fun.

: : : Hopefully you don't feel that Siamak is enforcing a dogma upon you or your chidren when he simply posts at this website.If that's imposing then I see a misunderstanding on the part of those who feel he is imposing a dogma.

: : Did I say that? I was trying to point out that I'm raising them to be individuals and make their own decisions.

: No. perhaps not but other's could easily misconstrue it as such.You should be clearer in your postings. For the observers of course.

: : Children pester. Parent's can stop it. Turn of the tube. Sit in time out.

: Parents can take the time out to explain to their children that the advertising they see is oftentimes aimed at them in order to pester their parents.So it can be minimized to a point.Of course you may disagree.

: : : (skipping)
: : : I feel it's a healthy sign that everything that McDonald's does and is associated with is questioned. If you feel Siamak is petty then I'll have to disagree.

: : Feel free to disagree.

: Sure I disagree and still have suspicions about the true aims of McDonald's Corporations philanthropic activities. Remember "Black History" month brought to you by McDonald's in the early 80's in the USA ? So much for philanthropy.

: : Yes, you've figured me out. I was wondering how long it would take. At this very moment I've got five men in Brooks Brothers suits standing behind me telling me how to respond to both you and Siamak.

: Oooooh!!! The scent of aftershave cologne and men's body sweat must be overwhelming.But then again you may be enjoying it.

You better believe it!!!

: : The girl in the next cubicle takes care of Samuel Day Fassbinder.

: Good to hear it. He's an extremely dangerous dissident with dangerous ideas. Your children might find his teachings to be very insightful.

I don't know. They don't seem to have a lot of sympathy for people who feel sorry for themselves ( you know, "everyone is so boring".)

: Too bad Kevin sunk himself at the other room.Damage Control doesn't like that.Rescue efforts have failed abysmally.

: : : By the way , are you the Nit Nurse or another composite character? Don't be offended . Some of us are just wondering.

: : Actually I'm kinda flattered that so many are thinking of me. You wouldn't believe the characterizations I have developed about some of you guys.

: I doubt that their very imaginative.

Oh yes they are! Especially yours.

: : Of course you do, he's part of your herd.

: Your herd seems to be losing the overall debate in a big way. I'm glad I changed sides in the Seventies.I can't see you doing the same what with all that homeschooling you may have got yourself into.May your children grow up to be anarchists.

I changed sides a long time ago. I was probably even one of your herd. I don't homeschool. Actually I was just being sarcastic about teaching them about socialism and anarchism ( I know they're two different things). I will teach them about alternative ways. We both know they won't be taught them without prejudice in the public schools.
Anarchists only a mother could love?

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