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Posted by: Reggie ( U.S.A ) on May 05, 1996 at 20:27:20:

In Reply to: Who cares what we think? posted by Devin on May 02, 1996 at 15:25:37:

Devin said..
: I think it just goes to show how much McDonnalds
: care what their customers / the public think
: that they don't even have a return Email on
: their Web pages, let alone A Debating Room.
: Well done McSpotlight for encouraging rather
: than stifling Debate.

Maybe they just forgot to provide an email address,
after all I am sure that they had lots on their
minds, why else would they have produced
a web site so devoid of content?

In the spirit of co-operation I can provide
you with a few email addresses for McDonald's
right now..


others to try include;-


Have fun ;-)

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