Funny McDonald's don't have email

Posted by: Tim Atkinson ( Australia ) on May 17, 1996 at 00:19:09:

I read the memo from Ritchie to Love. It's good to see the bastards
cook like there processed pap. My, my aren't they concerned about how
they are percieved.

Maccas seem to have a dictum of location, location, location then
image, image, image then profits, profits, profits.

Tell ya what though. I don't normally watch 60 junkets, but when thse
show is advertised, I'll be a keen viewer.

Funny that I can't communicate with maccas by email. I'm sure they
will make lots of new friends when they get the courage to go beyond
their laminated table tops with the shitty little games for us to
play. Gosh, we might even upset some of the corporate maggots that run
the show.

Thanks for the update in developments. I "watch" your page regularly,
and no I am not the traitor atkinson who defends this invidious dietry
changing giant.


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