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Complaint of former worker

Posted by: Wayne Mai ( McAlester,OK. McDonalds, United States ) on November 08, 1997 at 00:05:47:

Hello, my name is Wayne Mai. I formerly worked at the McDonald's in McAlester, Oklahoma. The owner is Dewayne Sampson. This work enviroment is extremely a dangerous one, for I recieved and injury. This injury was a very serious one at that. I slipped because the floors weren't properly fit to work on and I fell onto the grill. I recieved third degree burns to my right forearm permanently scarring my forearm. Being that the floor wasn't sound to work on, I fell quite often. The constant bombardment on my elbow caused nerve damage in my left elbow, making my life hard. On those occasions, I was not givin any medical attention and was told to "shut up" and work. No records of these events were ever written down on their employee accident record. I have permanent scars for evidence from this insident to show for. I have written this article to show that this coorporation would not aid in my medical bills or any assistance whatsoever.

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