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Posted by: Quincunx ( IWW, OnePlanetOrganized ) on December 14, 1997 at 03:52:03:

In Reply to: If all else fails, attempt to redefine terms posted by Stuart Gort on December 03, 1997 at 01:23:51:

Neo- Liberal Handbook

Section 3 - Standard Operation Proceedures

A(3)c(9) - If all else fails, attempt to proclaim moderation.

Stu: (In regards to the IWW)Well, what exactly are they if they are not liberals?

Qx: The IWW is an Industrial Union and to label them as liberals is as ridiculous as to proclaim yourself Christian and state that you have right wing libertarian beliefs at the same time.

Stu: The only conservatives at McSpotlight and IWW argue against the
liberals. Or maybe the meaning of the word liberal changed when
I wasn't looking.

QX: The original terms for liberal and conservative have changed since these were brought into political use in the last century. The changes in meaning and intent happened when you were fantasizing your flimsy theories about the IWW and anything else that didn't conform to your views. So much for having a historical memory or even being circumspect.

That might explain why you couldn't make use of the click-and-point features at the IWW website to find out more concerning the IWW position concerning other unions.

Stu,(being authoritarian as usual):Memorize this: Moderates don't want to tear down fast food establishments or governments and economic
systems for the sake of a VERY narrow point of view.

Qx: Now you're a moderate and altruistic? In other words you're being oppressed because your kid/kids aren't being schooled in what you consider to be a Judeo-Christian environment. Which ,in your mind, also confirms to you that the folks supporting McSpotlight have a very narrow point of view and thus having this very narrow point of view impels them to want to tear down McDonald's, governments and the current economic system?

That's a bit much to memorize when what you're implying has no consistency except in the repetitive labellings that reveal a cognitive loop that you have been stuck in. It's also something that shows just how far you gone in making an effort to lose credibility.It's too bad Stu.

It also shows that if one takes into consideration the politics in Australia ( the thread did start with Rocky in Australia didn't it? ) that the conservatives behind the coporate agenda to screw Australia is in fact, the Liberal Party. Another example of the absurdity of mainstream politics that you haven't taken into account.

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