One billion tumours served

Posted by: Rivahcat on May 17, 1996 at 21:02:28:

Being an avid reader of ADBUSTERS, I'm delighted to see this website. Please
keep on exposing Mickey D's as the corporate BS'er that they are. The latest
campaign for Arch Deluxe is a joke-- the burger SUCKS. I can get a better
burger at a small local place called Roy's Big Burger; they're better than
BK, McD, and all the rest! It pisses me off that McD's passes itself off as
a concerned corporate citizen, w/their Ronald McDonald Houses and all that.
Guess they don't realize that meat can contribute to cancer... or maybe
THAT'S the whole point! 1 BILLION TUMORS SERVED.

Anyway guys, keep the faith!

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