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State/Federal Statutes are good enough for me

Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on December 22, 1997 at 19:45:51:

In Reply to: So let's hear you define posted by The Everett Citizen on December 21, 1997 at 21:07:04:

: EC:
: And yet you don't define stealing, or answer the question
above (or very many asked of you. You do exactly as you
ascribe to me, springboarding on a phrase (or whether or
not a proper name is capitalised) to avoid any debate.

Yes, your right. I've grown tired of it because your
positions are intractable. I post this so those who may
read it might know why I bother making an effort.

: So, yes, my argument does hinge on how I define stealing,
and I have defined it so many times, all you need to do is
read any one of my posts. I don't recall saying that large
corporations were evil; I HAVE, however, described them as
Unnecessary, unjust, beyond democratic control, and serving
of the idle rich. I have advocated revocation of some
charters, re-writing of others, and the elimination of that
most un-christian of charactaristics, the profit motive. I
have pointed out that their perpetuation results in
stratification of people, rather than uniting people. We
have a served class and a serving class. (and every time I
point out anything uncomfortable to you you lash out. Give
a re-read to the exchanges we've had over the last six months,
and see who avoids debate and see who "runs, ducks, dodges,
hides"... I'm here, Stu, debate me.)

Your definition of stealing is far outside of normal, accepted
definitions. Mine is the common definition. Why would I waste
words to explain to people what they already know? Moreover, I'm
not going to re-evaluate my definition of stealing to accomodate
your narrow viewpoint. There's nothing to debate here. It isn't
that I'm lashing out. It's that I've re-stated my position 57
times to no avail and there is no further point in doing so.

The only thing you lack in your tirades against corporations is
to use the word evil. If you ever do use it, you'll have to stop
finding capitalism at fault and start seeing the heart of man
as the culprit - something very difficult for a humanist to do.

Point made for onlookers: Mike is fond of thinking that I support
capitalism because of Biblical decree. All his postings accuse me
of this. This straw dog tactic is not debate - merely blustering.
My position has always been that those who would focus on who has
money and who doesn't violate the essence of the scriptures posted
below - which Mike doesn't hold as coming from God anyway. He just
posts them in a spirit of contention.

:And if you won't listen to me, try:

: You know the commandments, but you lack one thing. Go sell everything you have give everything to the poor. (Mark 10:18-20)

And he went away sorrowful because he owned much. That's the
point of this scripture. Meditate on it.

: Do not lay up for yourself treasure from the earth, where
moth and rust consume, and thieves break in and steal. For
where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.
Matthew 6:19-21

What is your treasure Mike? Meditate. Is is Jesus?

: No one can serve two masters....you cannot serve God and
mammon. Matthew 6:24

Who do you serve Mike? God?

: Stop defending a system based on the opposite of these

I don't. You do. I merely point out that the truth of God
goes well beyond the pettiness of the distribution of
wealth. It's about your soul Mike. Capitalism and all other
'isms will burn in the end. I make this effort because I
can't bear to think that your soul might be in there with

: Mike, the Everett Citizen
: (still waiting for that e-mail and directions...)

I lost your e-mail in a hard drive crash.

I-5 south to Smokey Point exit. right
Smokey Point blvd. left
188th st.. right
to end of road where it makes a sharp left.
don't make the left.
continue straight through the gate instead.
Look for my wage slave - Jesse.
See if he wants to join your union.
See if he's interested in seizing the
means of production.
I won't be back for a few months so
you have leave to try to convert him.

Stuart Gort

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