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To Veg or not to Veg.....??

Posted by: Lokid ( Vandal Media, Canada ) on December 31, 1997 at 15:29:40:

I was reading another message posted on the McSpotlight website, regarding vegetarians. I found myself asking the question... "Is it necessary for myself to become a vegetarian, in order to fight McDonalds and other simular corporations?" What really is the issue? Is it a Vegetarian against Carnivore war or is it one about big, pushy corporations exploiting billons and billons of people world wide, with By-product burgers, greasy fries and dyed sugar soft drinks? I hope it is the latter, I am not a vegetarian but feel very strongly against McDonalds, not only for health reasons but from a moral view as well. I do not think that we should say-" your a meat eater, you can't beleive in what I beleive in" because I do, I would love to see everyone wake up from the spell "Corporate America" has put on the world.

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