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McDonalds Corporation Global Ethics

Posted by: Rebecca Littell ( USA ) on December 31, 1997 at 15:35:20:

I had just viewed the latter portion of the 60 Minutes program 12-29-97. I was shocked at the corporate misbehavior during and after the trial. Thank heavens to exposure from the major networks to help expose the facts and content of this case. I hate to admit this but one of the only places that I can bring my 4 1/2 year old son to so he can play and I can take a break (out of the elements of rain and such) is a local McDonalds where they have a indoor play-gym contraption which attracts parents daily for the same reason. I have never gone there because I wanted a hamburger. I get very miffed at their menu (high fat/high sugar) and actually rather just sip on my own 17 cents a can soda, and let my son socialize with other kids, as he is a only child. So, anyway one evening I am in there and notice a kind gentleman with a young boy who happened to have played with my son two or three times before. Later on, I enrolled my son in a great local preschool and I meet the same (slender) Asian-American grandfather gentleman with his grandson. We both laughed when we saw each other again. I asked him weeks later why I had not seen him in McDonalds anymore, and he replied in his strong gentle manner, "Since I've enrolled my grandson in this preschool I have not needed to go there". I walked away thinking about all the extra fat/cholesterol I did eat at McDonalds just because I was probably worn out and needed a break for myself and activity for my son. As of today, I will be better able to make a healthier choice and seek out other ways I can get my needs met and keep my son socially active. I am in my early 40's and have a sorry history of familial heart disease and cancer. And it is no secret or suprise that people's first choice of "Dining" is not McDonalds but one of quick fix. One full of horible compounding BAD FOOD choices. I do not my last meal to be a Big Mac and have a stroke or a heart attact. Thank you for the wake-up call. Good luck to helping others make the RIGHT choice. R.A.Littell San Francisco Bay Area.

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