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Trademark infringement/1st amendment rights

Posted by: Don ( USA ) on December 31, 1997 at 15:37:44:

Dear SIrs,
After watching the 60 minutes broadcast I came to this sight to find out about this Mclibel. What I found was alot more, On the subject of trademark infringement I must say that If the name McMuchies is trademarked to the lass who owned the restaurant I feel she is in her right to use this. Im not an expert about it but does McDonalds have the prefix Mc trademarked or can it be. If so everyone such as Mr McDonald is in trouble. This would lead to chaos in the court system.

Secondly if they sue everyone who uses this prefix then god help us if they ever get a trademark on a word such as hamburger.

Also as far as the greenpeace leaflet goes I must side with them on the
workplace conditions and the use of african americans or underpriviliged under educated peoples. As these people will take any job in any condition without a union or anyone to represent them in a dispute or wage negotiation. Why does a company that has the finances of McDonalds not provide workplace training to its people so they can move up in the business, instead of working 5 weeks and quitting then another and another .

I have recently made a commitement to stop eating FAST FOOD due to the health problems associated to sodium and fat,I am adding the Mclibel
Mcmunchies cases as another reason to cut back on my intake of HAMBURGER.


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