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Posted by: SG ( USA ) on December 31, 1997 at 16:11:36:

If you want to convince people of something, make sure, #1, your "fact sheet" backs up its supposed facts, and #2, have someone proof it! There are so many spelling errors and grammar errors, it looks like uneducated, unintelligent people created it. Fifth graders wouldn't make as many mistakes as there are in your "Fact Sheet."

I don't particularly support McDonalds, and I don't particularly not support McDonalds -- but I do support literacy, and whoever is responsible for this fact sheet is below-average in the literacy quotient, and if you think an illiterate document is going to convince me and many other truly literate people of anything, you're nuts.

Use some of the money non-educated people donate to you and get a proof reader.

McSpotlight writes:

Your comment is somewhat surprising, however if you would be so kind as to
give us specific examples of these errors, then we will gladly look into it. Please try to differentiate between things you consider "illiterate" (i.e.
below the level of a 5th grader) and those which are simply typing errors.

Thank you.

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