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Re: Veggie-Nazis and their silly McSpotlight site

Posted by: J. Cameron ( Canada ) on December 31, 1997 at 16:39:30:

In Reply to: Veggie-Nazis and their silly McSpotlight site posted by Mary Christensen on June 04, 1996 at 15:42:09:

What could one expect as a response to Graham's statement posted on the Mcweb site! I find his opinion at least as valid as those who've responded. After all we are all allowed our opinions....right?

Taking issue with his choice of names for those so intensly involved in with issue is childish. Who cares, stick to the issue. As for the idiotic idea of reality checks please take note that no one forced neaderthal man to try a sabre-toothed tiger burger and one had better tell the Inuit their not to eat raw whale! The issue here is has Mcdonald's done anything wrong, not whether or not their perpetuating some sort myth as seen through the eyes of the veggie community.

McDonald's is no different than anyother business established during the reign of mankind. As long as enterprise has been rewarded for expanding this sort of operation has persist. It too will fall as a result of it's own deeds-all in good time. McDonald's and it's directors are rather ignorant for not just letting this issue die on the sidewalk where it began.

I own no stock in McDonald's-wouldn't matter if I did-would those of you opposed to free enterprise rather turn back the hands of time and wallow in the mire of the industrial age with it's coal fired operations and horse shit everywhere. As long as mankind feels the need to 'run' this world we'll find this sort of abuse. Given time we'll exterminate ourselves and this world will continue without use-for better or worse.

I realize we all need a reason to live and perhaps those of you living in the ruin of the industrial era see the future better than those of us wallowing in the majesty of wilds of North America. Believe me you can beat your breast till the end of time but that won't stop industry from finding a way to destroy the very ground your gardening on-if it isn't already sick with toxins....had your soil tested lately?

The problem is much larger than McDonald's, it is easy to attack the opulant however.....

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