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Re: consumed by people in every social order

Posted by: Linds ( USA ) on January 20, 1998 at 10:55:12:

In Reply to: consumed by people in every social order posted by Stuart Gort on January 14, 1998 at 19:48:42:

: : Stu not every one eats meat jeez get a grip The sooner you realize that all the world isn't just like you understanding the anger of McDonalds actions might be easier.

: Mike asserted that people in a lower social class are preparing
: meat for people in higher classes. That, of course, is ridiculous
: unless you assume the McDonalds serves only the rich and famous.
: Or maybe all those fur and diamond adorned women around the meat
: counter in the grocery store is Mike's proof. The comment you refer
: to is my refutation of that premise. In the context of the
: conversation my comments are quite appropriate and true. For your
: sake I will restate my premise very simply and clearly.

: Meat is consumed by people in every social order. There is nothing
: to be gained by pitting the rich against the poor in this matter. It
: is a commonly used trick of the left and I will call it when I see it.
: When people resort to this kind of tactic, it is an indication that they have no moral leg

If you feel there are just 2 classes that could fly. There are many stages of wealth shown by dress type of automobile and education. At a local branch here they like employing older people and a few mentally handicapped. While I agree they need employment and that might be a good start they seem mostly to do just clean up(rarely seen behind counter) An example of 2 classes there. And minimum wage with no insurance marks a class level in my opinion

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