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Information wanted

Posted by: The Lark ( ICA, Ireland (one nation under god) ) on February 24, 1998 at 20:23:24:

What was this page susposed to be about and why's it been down for so long?

McSpotlight adds:

the Information Wanted room is intended as a place where posters can request info/ material. This organises requests such as 'I need information on the dietary make up of McD's Big Mac' OR 'I'm doing a paper on Unilever, has anyone got any good links / sites that I can find info out on?' into a single room for ease of use and lets people identify queries quickly. Whoever may have the necessary info can quickly browse this room and see if they have the necessary as it were.

The reason the room is down is being dealt with ... very slowly, but it IS being dealt with.

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