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Posted by: buster@bloodvessel.com ( nehahhaaaaa, UKAY ) on March 28, 1998 at 02:32:10:

In Reply to: Get a life McD haters!! posted by Joe on March 28, 1998 at 02:15:21:

: I totally agre with you!!I 've worked at McD's as a managerfor only two years but I think that it's the best job I have had to date!!They treat me well and the pay is good compared to the industry standards.

So the industry is a somewhat lowpaid then (by saying that you THINK that you get a good pay compared to the industry standard assumes that the industry is low paid)- is that what you are saying? Seems to me you are admitting to the fact that all fast food industry is a exploitative, low-paid, supressed market ... just as was concluded from the mclibel trial ... read the judgement friend or are you afraid of factual argument ..?

I think that the McLibel folks need to get a life and get a career or something! If they hate McDonald's that much why even bother with them??Who do they think that they are to spread fabrications and very narrow personal opinions in the manner that they did??These veggie munching hippies would not like it very much if I condemned them for slaughtering all those poor little helpless lettuces and carrots that can't beall that healthy for you with all those insecticdes and herbicides they use in modern agriculture.Sounds alittle wacky right!!?!??Morris and Steel should hear themselves.I'd say that it's about the same.Freedom of speech is a great right but only when it used for constructive manner.You go to far and it becomes abusive.
: Her's another question.When this was in the news,Morris and Steel were either out of work or were working only part-time.They got a lot of media exposure.They must have benefitted from this and have full-time jobs now right?SO;how much of their comments did they actually believe in personally and how much of this did they do only to get some attention and cash in on their 15 minutes of fame???Just asking!

firstly if morris and steel were in it for the 15 minutes of fame the surely they would have 'heard themselves' by now, and more importantly the fact that they were/ are working ... what exactly has this got to do with the issues raised by the McLibel trial ... the treatment of animals, the work practices of fast food industry, the exploitation of the planet, the dominance of mnc's in every corner of the planet - what has this got to do with the issue of being presently employed or this just another case of your bias, hang-ups, problem, discrimination? ... sorry to make you out to be a blind patron (or blind manager) but whether you are employed or not has no bearing on whether you can comment or these issues or not - do you refuse unemployed people at your store ... no I didn't think so. Wake up man and smell the coffee...

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