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Posted by: Ed Lane ( Litigant-in-Person, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. UK. ) on March 28, 1998 at 02:34:44:

In Reply to: Re: Chocspotlight posted by Ed Lane on October 16, 1997 at 10:49:17:

Hello yet again, Ducklovers International,

Easter 98 already. Now two years since those foxy buggers, Thorntons plc, snatched up me duck and put him in a sack. quack-quack-quack. They're still selling their boxed, chocolate version of him. By this time, based on official figures of 96, they would have grossed around two million UK pounds.

That's a lot of new dentures and fat bellies, ducky. :-) But Hey, I'm not bitter. The few pence royalties from their use of my creative work, had they played straight, would have now been trickled up some pub wall. No, let's have it right, we're talking fat, juicy principle here. Yep, even a talking duck got some of that.

Just written to the chairperson again, Mike (the vice) Thornton of Manor Farm, Lower Slaughter, but at his office address, to ask if he fancies coming onto UK LEGAL N.G. to sort this out once and for all. Think he will respond? er.....would you? Go on, sink your gnashers into that beefy burger and give yourself a quick read..... Mechanically-recovered scandal continued.......

To Michael Thornton OBE.
Thorntons plc. Thornton Park, Sommercotes, Derby. via Directors Fax 01773

from Ed Lane. 53, Brookfield Court, Union St,
Hanley. Stoke-on-Trent. ST1 5AA. tel.01782 213770

Friday, March 27th 1998.

(our dispute over intellectual property)

Dear Michael,

I refer to our contentious proceedings over intellectual property, the
subject of which was mine and "your" character: 'JAKE THE DRAKE'.

As you know, I began promoting my work over ten years ago and have
considerable goodwill, not only in public performance but also in various
spin-off merchandising: badges, colouring posters, song-tapes, and the
occasional tee-shirt.

I (with my Jake the Drake) have enjoyed good regional press, some radio,
and have many thousands of fans in the Midlands and in North Wales.

You may be surprised to learn that among my many letters of reference, are
those from school head teachers, a magistrate, a major investor of your own
company, college lecturers, Chamber of Commerce people, Lord Mayors, and so
on, all attesting to my goodwill, as well as my artistic originality. One
good gentleman of title, has granted my Jake the Drake use of the 'Stafford
Knot' in public performance.

Your late arrival of approx two years ago, was - in my opinion - a gross
infringement of my artistic property, that which I had worked hard to
promote, having previously invested much time in graduate arts training,
plus many years of self-taught creative skills. I regard myself as having
been robbed and that the legal system as it stands offers me no recourse.

I trust you do not take as a positive signal, the fact that I was denied my
day in High Court Chancery against yourselves? Any lawyer would explain to
you the percentage chances of an impoverished Litigant-in-Person gaining a
full trial in that way. My 'striking out' should give you no cause for
celebration, since both parties have yet to present their case!

I invite you or your advocate to come onto UK LEGAL (Internet Newsgroup)
and let us debate our case, in view of legal experts.

Herein lies an opportunity for Thorntons plc to clear themselves of the
allegations of copyright theft / passing off, whether intentional or

Yours faithfully,

Ed Lane.

c.c. UK LEGAL etc.

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