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burn 'em down

Posted by: piesay ( xxx, xxx ) on April 17, 1998 at 10:11:27:

hi people,this is piesay from malaysia writing for you. hmmm. about mcdonalds, in malaysia we managed to do a protest in front of the mcD itself.
this is where we give flyers and free green organic vegetables to the people there.sadly, we receive threats from the mcD stuff, as they want to call the police. luckily, many people were in protest so they couldnt do anything else.
back in johor bahru, we managed to burn the mcD place. Luckily the fire didnt spread out (or else i believe it could have been burn down.hehheeh)we managed to light a diesel and spryed mcFUCK all over the place.
bye.hope ,we will do sumthin more in future.exist to resist

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