Re: Who are the good guys?

Posted by: Eric Watkins ( Scotland ) on June 02, 1996 at 15:44:00:

In Reply to: Who are the good guys? posted by Ben on May 17, 1996 at 16:40:22:

>> What I miss in all this negative publicity are the names of the "good
>> guys". The way it comes across is that you can't trust anyone who is
>> making money. That is a little too cynical. How about a list of
>> companies whose products *are* ok to buy?


> If anyone knows of a good (ethical) company and can explain why, then
> tell us all about it by posting a follow-up to this post.

Who decides if a company is ethically sound or not? Surely the
most important thing is the 'Why?' but, since then people can
make up their own minds as to whether something is ethical
from their own point of view. Shame is there are a lot of people
who see nothing wrong with the activities of McDs, arms manufacturers
and all of the rest of them. These firms do fit into some
sort of capitalist ethics. I would say that's a fairly twisted ethic,
but I wouldn't want to agree with me unless they'd seen the argument from
both sides.

A big problem with a lot of contemporary
activism is this idea that we're 'right'. This self belief
is exactly what lets the corporate executives take decisions
which destroy lives, livelihoods and the environment and then go
home and sleep well.

Oh dear. I am rambling today...!


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