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Have you ever asked yourself

Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on May 08, 1998 at 09:53:39:

In Reply to: McDonalds whores out the world posted by Mike McGuire on May 07, 1998 at 09:46:55:

: Hey Stu, if you eat at McDonalds not only are you a sheep, but a fucking asshole as well. McDonalds whores out the world and makes braindead robots out of its workers. If you make a choice to eat at McDonalds you are making a choice to support a machine that kills the environment at strives to turn the earth into one homogenous plastic shit cafe. So FUCK YOU.

My goodness. Have you ever asked yourself if such hate can ever be
productive? What do you hate? Certainly a fast food resturant can't
be the basis for such a visceral hate. No, it has to go much deeper
than that.

McSpotlight, your discernment appears to be quite selective.

Stuart Gort

McSpotlight: It was a very borderline case. He did make statements about McD's, rather than exclusively abusing you. After all, we try to censor as little as possible, which isn't the easiest job in the world. Equally, we do allow some rather abusive pro-McD's posts through.

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