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put your complaint in the anti Burger King site.

Posted by: Jedd ( Australia ) on June 04, 1998 at 14:01:45:

In Reply to: burger king discrimation posted by Jonathan on March 27, 1998 at 09:38:12:

: ok hears a story i want to tell, today in a butger king they refused to take my order. i was in the store online when i placed a order, my daughter. she wanted her topings put on the side, when they refused my daguhter started crying, i over reacted a little and cancled the order. afew minutes later when i replaced my order they refused to take it, when i told the manager he was on there side. mabey they where mad beacuse my doughter got mad and screamed at them and called them stpid, which they are, or just because i was the olny white person there, but what ever it was i feel it as decrimation i was still wrong

You are an ignorant bastard who couldn't spell if he had 50 dictionaries with him. Next time, put your complaint in the anti Burger King site.

McSpotlight: You can find anti-BK info in the "Beyond McDonald's" section of McSpotlight. This _is_ an anti-Burger King site. It's just that our main focus is McDonald's.

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