The poster has clearly not looked at the site

Posted by: Clem Gorman ( Germany ) on June 11, 1996 at 15:20:00:

In Reply to: Only corporation worthy of this tainted spotlight? posted by Jeffrey D. Hopkins on June 10, 1996 at 19:04:56:

The previous poster asked of McSpotlight..
> Have you nothing better to do with your time? Do you seriously think
> that McDonald's is the only corporation worthy of this tainted
> spotlight?

I take it that the poster hasn't actually looked at the McSpotlight site
at all. If they did, how did they fail to notice the 'Beyond McDonald's'
section in which dozens of other unethical companies are featured.

> Are you aware of things that McDonald's has done with a major portion of
> their profits over the years? Have you heard of "RMCC" or "Ronald
> McDonald's House"?

Again, the poster has clearly not looked at the site. The issue of corporate
use of 'charitable' schemes to promote 'community' loyalty and deflect critisism
is covered by McSpotlight (in their McDonald's 'Chritable' activity section).

> "All food is healthy, when eaten in moderation"

What is moderation? Such a statement is completely meaningless.
Certain seeds contain cyanide. What would be considered a moderate and safe
consumption of food containing cyanide?

> Find something better to do than waste this band-width space!

I quite agree.

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