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veggie burgers

Posted by: michelle ( england ) on June 09, 1998 at 17:39:38:

In Reply to: fast food restaurants should sell vegetarian posted by Beth on June 08, 1998 at 10:39:14:

: : I think that animals have rights to.That girl Lisa knows her stuff. I hope that everyone out there feels really guilty eating those burgers!!!!!

: THANKS!! I feel the same way. Visit this page and...To do something about this, read this meassge:
: Burger King and McDonalds restaurants would like to offer a vegetarian burger option, but they need our help to do it! Please call your local Burger King and McDonald's Restaurants as well as McDonald's toll-free Consumer Hotline: 1-800-BIG MACS (1-800-244-6227) and let them know you'd like a vegetarian burger option in your area as well as across the country. Ask everyone you know to call.
: Why fast food restaurants should sell vegetarian burgers:
: They'd include not only the vegetarian community, but also others such as people on low-meat diets, low-fat diets, people watching their health, those willing to try the product, etc. There are always health benefits to a reduced-meat/no-meat diet. The new burger would be an interesting, healthier change from the old hamburger.
: PLEASE take this into consideration and call often. THANK YOU!

REPLY: as a veggie i believe that veggie burgers would create a bigger market for the fast food industry, but i and many of my friends would never buy them from Mac D or a similar chain, who wants to eat a veggie burger that has probably been cooked next to a cow, and eat in a room ( sitting on a sticky plastic chair glued to the floor) full of a cow eating people, no thanks!

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