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Have a nice life.

Posted by: Louis Calabraro ( USA ) on July 06, 1998 at 10:58:52:

In Reply to: Why is the world so bothered by people who choose not to eat meat? posted by B. Corbin on June 02, 1998 at 16:17:21:

It is rather amusing to me that man has grown in intellectual status from a long history of being a predatory carnivore.We have reached a state if being able to make choices, build great buildings and venture off into space.

Can a more balanced diet make each individual life better? Sure. The real problem in life arounf ANY topic is the extremes that man reaches to explain is pitiful position by opinions, innuendos and mis-information bordering on self-service and generating that on to other people.

Non-smokers think smokers are craven evil witches. Non-meat eaters look at meat eaters and cringe. And the reverse becomes true.

The simple fact of it is: I want to live in a world where men discuss and debate weightier issues than smoke vs. non-smoke, meat vs. non-meat. These are just two examples of my illistration. We could add others like abort vs. non-abort.

The fact is everyone should just spend more time dedicated to dealing with the rudimentary problems of everyday life, working their jobs, feeding their familes and tending to themselves.

I for one am off to do just that.

Have a nice life. By the way I don't smoke, eat meat, believe in a woman's RIGHT to CHOOSE and think that the simple manners of yesterday need to be returned to pretty quickly or we are doomed to bicker forever.

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