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abusing, destroying and exploiting animals is always wrong.

Posted by: Lisa ( USA ) on July 06, 1998 at 11:16:02:

In Reply to: Animal Rights posted by Janessa L. Stamper on March 20, 1998 at 11:02:56:

At times, it seems pointless for one person to attempt to change the current abuse/treatment of animals, especially when you wonder what kind of a difference you can make by not eating a hamburger at McDonald's just to prove that you are horrified by their treatment of animals used in their "food." One person can make a difference. Don't eat at McDonalds, Burger King or fast food places. Choose vegetarian meals at restaurants. Buy organic vegetables. Buy milk from cows not treated with growth hormones. But, most important, teach all the children you come in contact that animals are people too. If we can affect an entire generation instead of the few and scattered animal activists now, what a difference we can make. Children, I found, are quick to embrace the ethical treatment of animals and question things that are contradictory to what they believe. Sometimes it's easy to feel defeated when we hear about big corporations exploiting animals, but don't give up hope. Loving animals is right, abusing, destroying and exploiting animals is always wrong.

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