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You guys are NUTS

Posted by: Anon ( H.S., U.S. ) on July 06, 1998 at 12:15:39:

I've worked at McDonald's for over a year. You need to realize
that you are hitting on ONE of many foodchains in these United
States and you are obviously biased and probably just jelous
of the wealth of the McDonald's Corporation. Nothing this small
is going to affect business at McDonald's. You guys just can't see
that your efforts are pointless. Kids will still want their Happy Meals
and dad will still want his Big Mac. You are obviously wrong for dec-
ideing to make it your place to judge and god will judge you. Whet-
her the allegations are true or not, YOU do not have the right to judge
and because you have decided to do so YOU will be judged yourself!!!

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