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McDonald's Happy Meal

Posted by: george ( none, usa ) on July 21, 1998 at 10:15:41:

Am I the only person (of all the many that so obviously hate McD's) who feels that McD's harms children by foisting demons and dragons and monsters on them? You know--9 out of the last 10 Happy Meal toys.

I've seen Godzilla "toys" and Predator "toys" and Alien "toys" at, e.g., Target, and I wonder what parent would let his or her child (boy or girl) possess one of these nightmares. I wouldn't want such a hideous monstrosity anywhere near my child. Am I naive to think there is some kind of spiritual blackness involved in the marketing of this ugliness to children?

I guess McD's is bad and all for destroying rain forests, exploiting workers, putting rat excrement in the food, and all the other stuff, but I'm really more concerned with the effect on the heart and soul of my child of its incestuous liason with Hollywood and Disney.

Am I the only person that cares about this?

McSpotlight: No.

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