The McSpotlight sig and Netscape

Posted by: Gerben Wierda on June 20, 1996 at 21:53:56:

Netscape Communications is trying to push their market leadership
on WWW clients to a near monopoly by constantly adding things to the
Netscape viewer, letting other play catchup.

By using the latest non-standardized effects promoted by Netscape,
you support that. I don't know if you do or plan to do that.

!! By mentioning only Netscape for frames, you support that (and it is
not true). I am reading your pages using OmniWeb 2.01 from Omni Group on a
NEXTSTEP OS based PC. It's best to base yourself on the standardized, or
soon to be finalized standards concerning HTML, than to use Netscapisms.

In case you want to use them: by using the term 'plug ins' you
essentially do the same thing, as plug-ins is a typically WinTel/Netscapism.
Under other competing systems, the term plug in doesn't have meaning.

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